About Us

Solstice Healing Arts & Music Festival was a concept conceived on a warm summer’s night during a conversation about how badly 2020 had treated so many. The desire to bring together vendors who would offer healing in a time when it was so needed, to showcase local artists and musicians, and to give a community something to look forward to was strong.

This area has so many who are healing arts practitioners, or who offer their all natural products at markets in the area, people who are talented artists, and wonderful musicians. It is time to bring them all together in one area so they can offer their gifts to the community.

The other goal of this Festival is to give back to the community of Carolina Beach and New Hanover county as a whole not only with our non perishable food item as admittance to the Festival but with our Life Event Celebrations that will honor those life changing moments that occurred during 2020 and were not able to be honored at the time.

See You There!

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